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Modern Gas and Oil and Your Antique Vehicle...


I have been been preparing antique vehicles for what is now the Hemmings Great Race since 1989. In this 60 - page book I explain how the changes to modern gasoline and engine oil have affected antique vehicles, and what you need to do to protect your antique vehicle from these changes. A must have book for all antique vehicle owners. I wrote this book to help you understand what has happened to modern gasoline and why you are experiencing things like vapor lock, poor engine performance, shrinking carburetor gaskets caused by the alcohol in the new gasoline.

You also need to understand that the modern engine oils have the zinc removed. Zinc was a part of engine oil since the 1930's and was part of an anti-wear additive package that protected internal engine parts like the surface where the bottom of the engine tappet rides on the camshaft lobe. Modern engines use roller tappets and hardened cam shafts so wear in this location is not as issue like it is with all flat tappet cam shaft engines.  Flat tappet engines still need the zinc anti-wear additive package.

The zinc anti-wear additive package was removed from engine oil because part of the chemicals in the additive package was damaging modern catalytic converters. Bottom line...any engine oil that says "energy conserving" on the label has the zinc additive package removed.. In this book you will learn what the anti-wear additive package was and how you can add it back to modern engine oil to protect the engine in your antique vehicle.

This is only a small part of what you will learn in this book. Order your copy today.

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