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Now You Can Check The Percentage Of Alcohol In The Fuel You Buy In Ten Minutes Or Less!


Alcohol In Gasoline – Short Term Effects

As antique vehicle owners we experience first-hand the problems associated with the modern alcohol fuels. Vapor lock, stalling, poor acceleration, and hard starting (caused by the fuel evaporating in the fuel line before the mechanical fuel pump), are all symptoms we are familiar with. The alcohol is also an aggressive solvent that will loosen varnish and gum deposits in the gas tank and fuel system. That will in turn plug fuel filters, and affect the operation of the idle jet, needle and seat, and float in the carburetor.

Alcohol In Gasoline – Long Term Effects

When antique vehicles are placed in long-term storage (6 months or more) the alcohol in the gasoline will draw moisture (up to a gallon a year) from humidity and temperature changes, and thru places like the vented fuel cap. In as little as sixty days the alcohol will begin to separate from the gasoline and the newly formed mixture of alcohol and water will settle in the bottom of the fuel tank where it begins to loosen the rust and corrosion on the inside of the tank. The mixture will also attack welded seams and any thin places in the tank (corners) eventually causing the tank to begin leaking fuel. (The alcohol can also damage rubber fuel lines.)

If the pickup tube of your gas tank is in the bottom of the tank as most antique vehicles are, you will get the alcohol and water mixture instead of the gasoline when you try and start your car after it has been in long -term storage. Testing the gasoline yourself is the only way you will know for sure, the percentage of alcohol in your gasoline.

For more information on alcohol gasoline and its affects Click and view the following links:
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