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Starters...How They Work

Posted on 5/9/16 with No comments


Taking The Mystery Out Of Starters...
Starters are a mystery to most antique vehicle owners. They are either a work or a don't work item under the hood of your antique vehicle. When the parts inside of your starter begin to wear over time they can become the source of your hot start problems, or worse yet, your no start problems.

This video explains how starters work much better than the explanations I got thirty years ago out of shop manuals and text books. If I had been able to watch this video like you are able to now, it would have made my young life much easier. So take advantage and get your education on starters 101. Who says the best things in life are not free...

And just for the record "NO YOUR STARTER WILL NOT RUN BACKWARDS IF YOU REVERSE THE POLARITY OF YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM..." I have heard that "fact" repeated dozens of times and it is not true. When you reverse the polarity of your electrical system all that you are doing is changing the direction the current flows but it still ends up the same place. So in the case of the starter the current from the battery still ends up at the starter battery post where the battery cable connects. How the battery current got there, the starter does not care. So as long as the current arrives at the same place the starter will work the same as it always did. You would have to change the starter internally to make it run backwards.

So after you watch this video your next step should be to order a copy of the new "Hot Start" book. Together with this video you will have a full understanding of how the starting system works and how to troubleshoot yours.

Favorite beverage on deck, popcorn in the waiting, you are ready to begin your lesson on starter motors. Enjoy.

How A Starter Works


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