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Bluetooth For Your Antique Vehicle And Daily Driver


Finally...A Simple Bluetooth Adapter That Works...

Most of us enjoy music while we are driving our antique vehicles. Many of us have downloaded music onto our smart phones or use a music app like the Sirius XM App or other music source.

All is good until you get into a vehicle that is not bluetooth capable... then what. You can't play your music thru your in dash car radio and if the cell phone rings you have to be careful where you answer it... if your city is one that requires hands free telephone communications.

If you have called Fifth Avenue and talked to me on the telephone one of the things I always remind you..."Simple is Good!"

So when I went looking for a Bluetooth adapter device here is what I wanted...

1) Simple to install and program.

2) Would work for hands free telephone calls, both receiving and sending. (that means it had to have a built in speaker) About half of the adapters I looked at, did not have a speaker built-in.

3) Required no batteries. Many of the adapters I looked at required batteries of one size or another, and many of the other ones that went into the cigarette lighter socket offered no way to recharge your cell phone. I wanted to be able to use a Bluetooth adapter AND recharge my cell phone from the same source.

4) Use my original radio controls for volume control. Once the Bluetooth adapter was turned on...I wanted to control the volume and radio setting from my in dash radio.

5) Had to be simple to switch from music to phone calls and back.

It does not get any more simple than this...

Here is what I found that works the best by far. This device plugs in your 12-volt cigarette lighter which powers the adapter. In turn the adapter has a USB port to recharge your phone so you do not loose the ability to recharge your phone while using the Bluetooth adapter.

This device has a speaker built-in so your telephone conversations will be hands-free. You can advance to the next song or go back to a previous song with the push of a button.

To answer the telephone just push the button in the center, and to hang up push the same button. When the telephone conversation is done it will automatically switch back to the music mode.

It comes with simple instructions to show you how to "pair" your smart phone. The little short cable goes into the "Aux" connection on your in dash radio. The rest simply plugs into your cigarette lighter, which makes it portable so you can use it in your daily driver during the week and in your antique vehicle, camper, boat, motorcycle on the weekends.

Aux Extension Cable is Included

In case you are doing a motorcycle installation or some other application where the aux radio input is hidden or difficult to reach, an extension cable is also included so everything reaches. You can drill a 1/4 hole as per instructions and add a permanent easy access aux input or keep things portable.

Best of all the price is right at $65.00 each plus shipping. It has a one year warranty. I have been using one of these for about six months now and they work as designed. The cell phone conversations are clear, and the radio sound is also clear, and with satellite radio you don't have to listen to all of the commercials. These are now available in the parts section of the website. Enjoy!

Attention Honda Gold Wing Owners...

If you own a Honda Gold Wing, especially the 1800 model, you no doubt have wondered why Honda did not update the 1800 radio to Bluetooth? Well this bluetooth adapter has proven to be a simple fix. You can listen to satellite Radio, or the music down loaded on your cell phone AND you can have hands free cell phone calls. The long cable included with this adapter will easily adapt to the Honda AUX cord. You can then make a permanent easy access Aux input location and life will be good.

Best of all this Bluetooth adapter is not permanent so you can easily move it from vehicle to vehicle and lock it in you saddle bag at night for security. All of us that ride together now have Bluetooth. Life is good!

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